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Set The Bar is proudly Australian owned and family run, backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the health and supplements industry and inspired by the founder of one of Australia’s leading health supplement companies.

At Set The Bar we are passionate about helping people make healthy eating choices - we understand that life can be crazy – we're all busy and it can be difficult to eat well on the run.

We're committed to providing beneficial, nutritious edibles you can trust from the first ingredient to the last bite.

Set The Bar is a wellness brand whose name is synonymous with healthy products and healthy living, providing premium products backed by nutritional research.

Gluten Free Hi Fibre Low GI 10g Protein
EnerGI Bio Bar Berry Bomb

High in protein, gluten free with prebiotics, probiotics and 18 essential vitamins & minerals.

We know that life can be 24/7. Our snack bar is designed with your optimum health in mind. Go–to convenience with a commitment to maintaining a low GI lifestyle and sustained energy. Eat well. Keep healthy. Enjoy.

Ingredients specially selected to help you maintain a low GI lifestyle, whether you want to stick to your ideal weight, need a high energy protein boost before your workout, or just care about eating healthier snacks and feeling good.

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Gluten Free Vegan Low GI

Transform any smoothie, salad or snack into a nutrient powerhouse with EMPOWdER!

EMPOWdER is an organic fermented mushroom powder, containing over 15 essential nutrients to support digestion and gut health.

With four blends to choose from, simply add to any smoothie, juice, salad, or snack and transform it into a gut friendly, nutrient rich, digestive supporter.

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Keep active with EnerGI Bio Bar

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