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How to Get Motivated When the Weather Cools Down

As the weather cools down, we have to be careful that our motivation doesn’t as well. Is it the shorter days, the cooler weather, or covering up our bodies that dampens the motivation barometer? Probably all of the above! 

Fast track to summer and we’re regretting those missed workouts and extra stodge consumed, but not this winter! This winter we will stoke the motivation fire and stay on track. Follow these simple but effective tips to get motivated when the weather cools down.

Tip #1: What’s the alternative? This is a great question to ask ourselves when the internal negotiations begin. What’s the alternative? Not training? Not eating well? How will that serve us in the long term? The alternative to a lazy winter is an even bigger hill of health to climb come spring. Think of a few 60-70year olds you you want to be the person who respected their body and health, or the other guy? There is no alternative, we’ve got to get up and get it done.


Tip #2: Commit to an exact number of workouts each week. No exceptions (3-4 is great): If this means a skipped workout midweek means more on the weekend, so be it. Personally I like to get my workouts done midweek and any weekend family activity is a bonus. 


Tip #3 Join an exercise group and pay upfront: It could be a 12 week challenge, a six week boxing pack, some PT. Mentally it’s nice to have a tight timeframe, keeps you focussed  and things interesting. Making a financial commitment goes a long way to motivation (but not all the way, many a dollar has been wasted in this area). 


Tip #4: Six weeks on, one week off: Even if you don’t feel like a break, it’s a good idea to have a deload week every six weeks. This could be a complete break from exercise or a change in movement to gentler exercise. This is a great week to get some pampering, book a massage, go to a yoga or meditation class. Spoil yourself, then get back on track. 


Tip #5: Soup soup and more soup: One thing that has us come undone in winter is all the rich, calorie dense comfort foods. Instead, cook up some big batches of soup, freeze in portions and there’s your quick, warming, nourishing weeknight meals. Here’s a delicious Shitake Ginger Broth recipe


Tip #6: And if all that fails, play this! This is a fabulously motivating 3.5min clip, half funny half serious - Welcome to the Grind.  For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way, and the easy way.”


Amelia Phillips is a nutritionist and exercise scientist who has helped thousands live a healthier life through optimised nutrition and targeted supplementation. 


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