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Set Yourself a HITT Four Week Challenge.

There’s nothing like beating your best, so why not set yourself a HIIT four week Challenge to ignite your motivation!? HIIT or high intensity interval training is a form of cardiovascular training where you work at high levels of intensity for a set timeframe, followed by set timeframes of rest or slow recovery, then you repeat. There is no set times or number of repetitions, some forms of HIIT are as short as 20sec of effort with 10sec recovery, whilst others are as long as 20minutes of effort and 10 minutes of recovery. By overloading your cardiovascular system, recovering and repeating, you are triggering the body to respond and adapt. It's achievable, effective, and dare I say it fun way to boost your fitness and drop some body fat.


HIIT Treadmill Challenge

Here is a HIIT treadmill program, one of the fastest ways to boost your jogging speed and fitness! If you don’t want to jog, just reduce the speed to power walking pace, it’s still effective! You can choose to cycle through once (10 minutes total) or repeat twice (20 minutes total). You are jogging for four minutes, walking (recovering) for one minute and repeating. The first four minutes the incline stays at 1% but the speed increases every minute. The second four minutes, the speed stays the same but the incline increases 2% per minute.Choose from three levels on the chart and follow that. Speed is in km. 


Track Your Fitness:

Each week, test your heart rate to monitor your fitness improvement. Take a recording of your heart rate as soon as you’ve finished the workout (before the 1min recovery phase). Then take your heart rate after the 1min recovery. Repeat that each week and you’ll be amazed how your heart rate won’t climb so high, and will also recover a lot faster. It’s a motivating way to track your fitness. Happy HIITing!!


Amelia Phillips is a nutritionist, exercise scientist and online health coach who has helped thousands live a healthier life through optimised nutrition and targeted supplementation. 


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