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ENERgi Bio Bar

Mixed Flavour Combo

Box of 36


***Dark Choc Coco-Nutz Flavour currently sold out. Please contact us if you would like to replace this flavour with an extra box of either Berry Bomb or Mint Madness***


3 boxes of 12 – one box each of Dark Choc Coco-Nutz, Berry Bomb & Mint Madness

ENERgi Bio Bars are a formulated supplementary sports food bar with specially selected low GI ingredients to ensure sustained energy whilst keeping blood sugars steady. Backed by biological and nutritional science. 

  • Prebiotics and Probiotics promote a healthy immune system and digestion (happy gut)
  • 18 Essential Vitamins and Minerals provide over 10% of your recommended daily intake (healthy you)
  • Low GI carbs balance blood sugar for sustained energy (no spikes or crashes)
  • High Protein supports exercise and muscle development (fit, strong body)
  • ENERgi Bio Bars taste insanely good

ENERgi Bio Bars are gluten free, certified low GI, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

All bars have a glycemic index below 25 and are suitable for diabetics. 

Ingredients & Nutrition information

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