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Company Profile2

Set The Bar is proudly Australian owned and family run, backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the health and supplements industry and inspired by the founder of one of Australia’s leading health supplement companies.

We are passionate about helping people make healthy eating choices. We know that life can be crazy – we are all busy and it can be difficult to eat well on the run.

At Set The Bar we're committed to providing beneficial, nutritious edibles you can trust from the first ingredient to the last bite.

Our goal is to become a wellness company whose name is synonymous with healthy products and healthy living, providing premium products backed by nutritional research.

Our Story

Brother and sister duo – Adam Jones and Sascha Jones – come from successful careers in finance and retail, with family in the medical and nutrition industries. Raised in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, we have always believed in a healthy and balanced life and being the best version of yourself – starting with what you eat.

We now thrive on modern city living and know that life can be crazy – we are all busy and it can be difficult to eat well on the run.

We all know we need to eat well, but most of us barely have time to read a nutrition panel let alone research the ins and outs of glucose cycles, super-starches, daily requirements, quality ingredients and how they all impact a healthy diet.

We established Set The Bar in late 2016 and spent over a year honing our flagship product - enrGIsustain - when we noticed a serious gap in the market for snack bars with real, research-backed health benefits that people can trust.

Since then, we’ve improved our formulations, added new flavours, had our bars university tested and certified low GI, and we re-branded to make them more consumer friendly. Good nutrition comes with a lot of education and people want to get the message succinctly and in pretty packaging. Also, enrGIsustain was really hard to say and spell.

enerGi Bio Bars - Dark Choc Coco-Nutz, Berry Bomb & Mint Madness flavours - were launched in January 2018 and the reception has been amazing.

With more products currently in development for the enerGi line (stay tuned!), the close of 2018 marks an exciting period as Set The Bar launches our next product line - EMPOWdER.

EMPOWdER is our new line of 100% organic fermented mushroom powders that transform any smoothie, salad or snack into a nutrient powerhouse.

Packed with over 15 essential nutrients that promote positive digestive health, these easy to add powders are filled with prebiotics and antioxidants to prevent cell damage, boost immunity and help sustain a healthy gut biome.

At Set The Bar, we firmly believe that what we put in our bodies every day can be so much better - better researched, better formulated, better tasting, and most importantly better for us.

We want to “Set The Bar” for research backed, healthy products that consumers can trust, and we're just getting started.



Adam Jones


With 15 years experience as an investment adviser and stockbroker, focusing on emerging technology and medical/health companies, Adam realised that corporate finance wasn’t fueling his passion, and had a desire to make a bigger impact through his work. After many years in a stressful corporate environment, Adam shifted his career path and decided to pursue a more philanthropic and healthier lifestyle.

Along with creating snack foods for the health conscious consumer, Adam is currently working with medical practitioners on a pilot program for improving the lifestyle, management and outcome of treatments for pre-diabetic patients.

Adam is on a mission to bring to light the preventative measures people can take to avoid Type 2 Diabetes and introduce them to a specially designed snack food that is gluten free, high in protein, low GI and is packed full of nutritional goodness.


Sascha Jones


With a background working in fine and decorative art galleries, styling for TV commercials and fashion design, Sascha had a successful, fast paced and highly stressful retail career in luxury high-end fashion, furniture and home wares. Sascha co-owned two stores in Sydney and travelled internationally at least four times a year as a buyer for the business, which eventually started taking its toll on her overall health.

Longing for a more balanced and wholesome lifestyle, as well as a family, Sascha sold her business in Sydney and moved with her partner to a property in the Central Coast Hinterland to escape the city hustle.

The busy mother of two writes a Style + Slow Living blog and owns a lifestyle essentials e-store. Having taught yoga while living in NYC and studying a Gyrotonics teacher training course in Sydney, Sascha has a personal commitment to healthy living and wellbeing.

Sascha’s strong passion for health and wellness has taken her on her new entrepreneurial journey as the co-founder of Set The Bar, where she works alongside her brother Adam.

Along with running her businesses, Sascha has practiced yoga, Pilates, meditation and martial arts and is a big believer in creating a positive life balance and doing the hard personal work where necessary to be the best version of ourselves possible.

Amelia Phillips

Amelia Phillips

Amelia Phillips is a nutritionist, exercise scientist and online health coach who has helped thousands live a healthier life through optimised nutrition and targeted supplementation. She is the co-founder of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and healthy eating platform, having launched over 30 online programs. She appears regularly on the Today Show and in other media and loves nothing more than helping others live a healthy, fit and mindful life. Connect with Amelia

Rebecca Sturgess

Rebecca Sturgess

Rebecca Sturgess is a qualified Nutritionist BHSc (nut med), Health and Nutrition Coach, Wellness Blogger and Nutrition Consultant for Set The Bar. She is passionate about creating healthy alternatives for your favourite foods and encouraging others to live their healthiest, best lives possible!

Brand Ambassadors + Sponsorship

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If you would like to become a Set The Bar Brand Ambassador or are interested in collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you.

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We Care

We care about the world around us and the people who live in it. Set the Bar is committed to giving back to our community and causes.