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enerGi Bio Bars

Gluten Free Hi Fibre Low GI 10g Protein
EnerGI Bio Bar Berry Bomb

High in protein, gluten free with prebiotics, probiotics and 18 essential vitamins & minerals.

We know that life can be 24/7. Our snack bar is designed with your optimum health in mind. Go–to convenience with a commitment to maintaining a low GI lifestyle and sustained energy. Eat well. Keep healthy. Enjoy.

Ingredients specially selected to help you maintain a low GI lifestyle, whether you want to stick to your ideal weight, need a high energy protein boost before your workout, or just care about eating healthier snacks and feeling good.

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Keep active with EnerGI Bio Bar

ENERgi Bio Bars are specially formulated snack bars that assist in maintaining a low glycemic lifestyle; recommended for health conscious consumers before or after your daily activity.
Like a walk in the park.

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As a personal trainer for the last 8 years, and a busy Mum of three I am careful about what I eat. So grateful that a company like Set the Bar has developed a range of low GI snack bars. Choosing a healthy option is a challenge when out training so having an ENERgi Bio Bar in my bag – Berry Bomb flavour – makes it easy. I recommend them to clients as a great low GI option.

Sarah Kemp, Fitastic Fitness

enerGi Bio Bars are the benchmark low GI gluten free snacks. They are specifically formulated to provide a sustained release of energy, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels – great news for diabetics, or anyone else wanting to monitor their sugar intake. ENERgi Bio Bars easily fit into a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise.

Tonia Hedley – Registered Nutritionist (B.App.Sci – Food & Nutrition), Health Coach, Healthy Food Blogger, advocate for eating ethically and supporting local farmers.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sascha and Adam from Set The Bar for the PR launch of their yummy ENERgi Bio Bars in Australia. They operate their business with the upmost professionalism, enthusiasm and kindness. You can clearly see that they are passionate about what they do and are authentic in their approach to delivering and living their health and wellness philosophy. Plus, it’s been a bonus having their tasty bars in our office to gift to media and influencers (and ourselves) for a healthy afternoon pick me up!

Straight Up PR, Managing Director, Hannah O’Donnell

What the influencers are saying about ENERgi Bio Bars

@relauncher_alison – I’ve just discovered these new snack bars which assist in maintaining a low GI lifestyle. They are high in protein and gluten free. Also recommended for diabetics and us health conscious people...Yum

@foodflavourflow – There’s something great about knowing I can enjoy a healthy snack post-run that seriously makes me run a whole lot faster!

@fitbackpacker – I’m addicted to these bars now! They’re so yummy!

@mountainbikegeek – Being a diabetic I tend to keep an eye out for low carb fuel or protein bars. ENERgi Bio Bars fit that bill perfectly!

@thefitfoodieblog – But first...happy blood sugar. Snacking on a Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew bar whilst getting down to emails...Gluten Free, high protein and Low GI...Low GI foods are great for kicking cravings.